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Themes Windows

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Windows 8 Pre Xtreme Edition [x86 x64]

Difference betwwen w8 and w7


UAC Disabled

Take Ownership

Show File Extensions

Automatic Defragmentation with Diskeeper

New Cmd File to Right Click

Enabled Search System Folders in Search


Windows Will Tell You Exactly What it is Doing When it is Shutting Down or is Booting

Increase Network Throughput

... many tweaks for IE8

... many more tweaks for W7

New Windows 7 Themes

New Start Button

New Cursor 3D

New Hd Wallpapers

New Hd System Icons Integrated In System

New User Account Pics

New Windows Scheme Sounds

New Logon Screen

... and more

Extra Toos Integrated In System:



Cursor Fx Cursor 3D (separate optional)



Royal Themes for xpV1 2010

Royal Themes for xpV1 2010

Royal Themes for xpV1 2010



Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition 3.500

This activator, brought together a whole set of elements of the equipment used in the processes associated with activation of Windows 7:

Windows Software Licensing Management Tool - operations to activate and display information about its status.

This activator, brought together a whole set of utilities to activate Windows 7 any edition (Ultimate, Enterprise, Pro, Starter, etc, x86/x64):

- Windows Software Licensing Management Tool - operations to activate and display information about its status.

- Everest / SLIC Dump TooKit - physical verification SLIC in the BIOS.

- Product Key Checker - display information about the key.

- OEM logo and accompanying information - Orbit30.

- Loader SLIC WOW7 - Hazar.

- Loader SLIC Bootmgr - stupid_user.

- Loader SLIC Vistaloader 2.1.2 - used by almost everyone who is involved in the release of activators.

- KMS server, accessible via the Internet - the contribution of local enthusiasts who support their work.

Title: Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition

Version: 3.500

Developer: Napalum

Updated: 2010.03

Language: Multilanguage

Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 R2 / 2008 - RTM / preRTM ( Office 2010)

Size: 6.96 mb



Windows 7 Netbook Edition Build 7264 X86

Windows 7 Netbook Edition Build 7264 X86 | 1.4 GB

The Eee7 is a special version of Windows 7 Ultimate, based on the last edition 7264, made by the group "ModMyEee" and occupies only 1,49 GB USB drive and at 4 Gb hard disk. Operates on any netbook, the Eee PC 7 "4GB, until the last Sony Vaio P series and is faster and the XP SP3. No major operation has not been deducted. All networking capabilities remained intact. Hardware support is not removed.

Some of the things that have been removed:

Old drivers, games, Asian languages (can be added later), the files, and more.

System Requirements:

Hard Drive 4GB

RAM 256mb (recommended 1GCool

CPU according to the netbook, 900 MHz

File: Windows.7.x86.Build.7264.Netbook.Edition.iso

Size: 1 480 4275 20 bytes

MD5: 5EAEE9B6CBA905FF5691FD172F32E427

SHA1: 8B49F2A7A8DB22004985AD7E905435753545A82A

CRC32: 02404775

The above iSO file is not bootable from a USB Stick, to make it bootable from a USB Stick follow the instructions below

Important Information:

* When installing Eee7, The final phase of installation (Finalizing Installation) could take some time depending on the netbook to have.

* If you do not have drivers for Vista to install the devices , then simply download the drivers for XP, go to the executable file (. Exe) that you downloaded, right click -> Properties -- > Compatibility and check the option "Run this program in compatibility mode" for:

Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

To be able to install the netbook due to lack of dvd drive,we should prepare a USB Flash to make it bootable.

What we need:

* USB Flash Drive (2GB more)

* The DVD which we burned the image of the iso that you downloaded

* A computer with Vista / Windows 7

Step 1: Formating the USB Flash

The following steps we will use the command prompt to create the appropriate Usb flash fomat with diskpart. [Note: It will erase all the data on USB Flash, be careful.]

1. Connect the USB Flash Drive

2. Open the command prompt as ............. (Go Start> All Programs> Accesories, right click on the "Command Prompt" and select "Run as ............."

3. To find out what number corresponds to the USB Flash Drive you should type the following in the window of the "Command Prompt":


list disk

The number corresponding to your USB will be appear in the list (see the USB and the capacity of)

This number will need in the next step. Suppose that the USB Flash Drive is the disk 1.

4. Format the USB typing the following commands in the same window. Attention, replace the number "1" on disk 1 to the number of your drive as emerged from the above list.

select disk 1


create partition primary

select partition 1


format fs = NTFS



When you enter this, you will have a USB Flash Drive formatted ready to be bootable.

Step 2: Let's make the USB bootable

we will use the application bootsect that is in the EEE7 DVD.

We will use the same command prompt window from Step 1:

1. Put the dvd of Eee7 in the drive of your computer.

2. Change the drive in the command prompt with that which is your drive. Suppose that the DVD drive is D:


cd d: \ boot

3. We will use the bootsect to define the USB as a bootable NTFS drive ready to accept the Eee7.

Suppose that the USB Flash Drive is G: \, your position in G: \ put the letter of your USB.


bootsect / nt60 g:

4. You can close the command prompt,now the USB is bootable.

Step 3: Copy files from DVD to USB Flash drive

The easiest way is through the windows. Copy all files from DVD and paste it in the USB flash drive. Just copy all the files, you're ready.

Step 4: Set the BIOS to boot from USB



Thanks To : heart_attack(SURABAYA HACKER LINK)

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